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A discussion of how Pittsburgh's education and medical sector is helping to transform the city's economy was held Sept. 21 by Pitt Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg and the leaders of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

View a video of the discussion.

View of Pitt's Campus, including Cathedral of Learning

Story Ideas

Tracking the World's Economy

Pitt researchers and research methods can explain the complexities of the world’s increasingly interrelated economy. For example, the Department of Economics’ state-of-the-art Pittsburgh Experimental Economics Laboratory invites economists to test theories by using simple economic decision-making experiments. The department’s University of Pittsburgh Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Forecasting Model can determine the likelihood that the economy will turn upward and downward. (The model predicts a likely end to the current recession before the end of 2009.) And the International Business Center, a joint venture of Pitt’s Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and the University Center for International Studies, builds international competence and expertise in business students, faculty, and practitioners and helps businesses enhance their international competitiveness. Learn More >

Post-Industrial Pittsburgh

By the end of the 1980s, Pittsburgh's mighty steel industry had been all but wiped out. But a reorganization of major steel companies and the rise of mini-mills helped the industry reinvent itself, according to a Pitt professor who has been tracking and analyzing the industry since the 1970s. Learn More >

Pitt’s International Centers and Institutes

Pitt is recognized worldwide as a leading institution in international scholarship and education. Students here can embark on international adventures in the classroom and beyond through Pitt’s University Center for International Studies, which encompasses centers for Asian, European, Latin American, and Russian and East European studies. Pitt also is home to the Ford Institute for Human Security, which is in the vanguard of examining such international issues as refugees, displaced people, and child soldiers. Learn More >

selected other Pitt Centers and Programs

Among their other missions and services, Pitt centers and programs unravel riddles of biology. They help business people realize their dreams. And they tackle race, diversity, gender, and class issues. Learn More >

Pitt’s Green Expertise

Pitt helps a former industrial town reinvent itself as an environmentally sustainable community. And a Pitt lab building wins LEED gold status for its environmental design. Learn More >

International Collaboration

Want the latest news on China's plans to install filtering software to block Internet access? Or on the fate of prisoners convicted by Rwanda's genocide tribunal? Then go to the world's only comprehensive legal news and research service based in a law school: JURIST (, the Pitt School of Law's multi-award-winning Web site. Learn More >

Pittsburgh’s Gems

Pittsburgh—home to resilient neighborhoods, and the hometown of Stephen Foster, America's first professional songwriter—is rich in exceptional architecture, including a number of historical buildings on Pitt's campus. And the University is home to the world's leading authority on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater (pictured), an architectural masterpiece perched atop a waterfall 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Learn More >

Community Outreach

For the past decade, Pitt’s Community Outreach Partnership Center has been at the core of a number of revitalization projects in the University’s adjacent neighborhoods. Learn More >

Our Experts

University of Pittsburgh faculty members have expertise in a wide range of issues and subjects within G-20 countries. Below is a country-by-country listing of those Pitt experts, along with information on how to contact them.

Experts by Country

Pitt faculty members are experts on a wide range of issues and subjects in G-20 countries—from economics and politics to art and armaments. Below is a listing of those Pitt faculty experts by topic, along with contact information.

Experts by Topic